The fudge has turned rancid

A while ago, I posted here about my gratitude and joy at the announcement in 1992 that the Church of England had removed the canonical impediment to the ordination of women to the priesthood. My feelings last Tuesday were exactly the opposite: grief mixed with anger at the waste of an opportunity to set right a long-standing injustice. With hindsight, though, the seeds of Tuesday’s débacle were sown twenty years ago when ill-considered concessions were made to those who stubbornly held out against the settled will of the Church, concessions which gave a spurious legitimacy to continued discrimination against half the human race. A Church which behaves in this way cannot complain if it is regarded as an irrelevant anachronism by the rest of society.


2 responses to “The fudge has turned rancid

  1. certainly messy and horrible. I’m hoping we will now do it right. pray for us, old friend

  2. I will. In fact, I do. Hope all is well, and great to hear from you, albeit in somewhat sorrowful circumstances.

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