‘The Holy Spirit is not a leaden stillness but a wind’.

Scottish Episcopalians worry a lot about declining congregational rolls, and understandably so. It is sobering to reflect that even the established Church of Scotland counts as regular worshippers only 9% of the total population of Scotland, and that Episcopalians constitute 10% of that 9%.

As a bit of encouragement to reflect on our strengths, which go well beyond numbers, you might like this.


2 responses to “‘The Holy Spirit is not a leaden stillness but a wind’.

  1. George Waite

    It doesn’t bother you, obviously, that a church in the USA, and one which claims to “celebrate Diversity!”, remains over 95% White, English-speaking, and middle/upper middle class?
    For all their “inclusivity”, all they’ve managed to include are people pretty much like themselves politically and socially. Mainline churches in the USA are the equivalent of Guardianistas in the UK.
    Pretty pitiful, if you ask me.

  2. It would bother me if I thought there was an overt or covert policy to exclude anyone. I linked to the article because I was interested in the experience of those who, like myself, had joined an Episcopal/Anglican church from another tradition, and had found a spaciousness which other traditions sometimes lack. The Scottish Episcopal Church is, in my experience, healthily diverse, within the parameters of what is possible in any particular circumstances. All churches, however, reflect the demography of the areas in which they are situated.

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