Garret Fitzgerald, 1926-2011

It was strangely fitting in a way that Garret Fitzgerald departed this life during the Queen’s visit to Ireland this week. For this emblematic occasion, characterised as it was by reconciliation, mutual respect and serious reflection on the history of the relationship between Britain and Ireland, was, in a sense, the culmination of a process which he was instrumental in initiating and promoting. From the preparatory work which led to the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985, through the subsequent years of frustration, setbacks and crass errors by governments and security agencies, he held firm to the vision of a pluralist, tolerant Ireland, looking outwards towards Europe, and seeking creative solutions to the conflicts within Northern Ireland.

Some of his enterprises were attended by little success, or none. But his main achievement was to bear witness to a politics which did not need to be a matter of competing negativities, but could be a civilised and intelligent dialogue among thinking people.
Rest in peace, just man. You’ve earned it.


2 responses to “Garret Fitzgerald, 1926-2011

  1. I’m just writing to let you all know that I’ve added your blog to the blogroll on my new blog:

    My goal is to promote a progressive, radical anglo-catholic vision and begin connecting the dots between people and churches and activism etc. I’ve felt for a while that the more regressive Anglican Catholics (some who’ve converted to Rome, some who’ve schismed and some who’re still in the Anglican communion) have had a loud and strong web presence and have proclaimed the death knell for the radical/progressive Anglo-Catholicism. Well, not so! We shall let our voices be heard.

    (and if you know of any other Radical/progressive anglo-catholic blogs, let me know).


    “The goal of Anglo-Catholicism is revolutionary re-enchantment.” –John Orens in The Anglo-Catholic Vision

  2. Welcome, Anglo-Catholic! Look forward to reading your posts.

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