The paranoids are poised to take over the world

I suppose it was predictable that the boycott by some Anglican Primates of the recent Primates’ meeting in Dublin would be justified by reference to the claim that the mainstream Anglican churches have succumbed to ‘the gay agenda’. What is ‘the gay agenda’? Do these people really suppose that there is a worldwide conspiracy to turn the ‘straight’ majority into something that they are not? If the defence of equality of treatment for gay and lesbian people rests on the proven scientific reality that being gay or lesbian is part of a person’s  innate identity at the deepest level, and not something they can be re-educated out of, it follows that even if such a thing as ‘the gay agenda’ existed, it would be equally unsuccessful in  undermining ‘straight’ people’s sexuality and sense of personhood.

In a comparable vein, in similar conservative Anglican circles, I have recently have occasion to read statements about the alleged project of ‘world domination’ by Islam, including near-hysterical reactions to the fact that a high school in Texas is planning to introduce the study of Arabic. These fears have been expressed in language that is calculated to foment Islamophobia, which is hardly something that professed Christians should be doing.

Whipping up paranoia has, throughout history, been the starting point for bigotry and irrational hatred, of the kind that leads beyond discrimination to the justification of genocide.


One response to “The paranoids are poised to take over the world

  1. Sometimes I feel like denying the church because of the face the world sees. No wonder the unchurched think we’re nutters.

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