Kristi blod

Old Swedish woman,
whose name I shall never know,
whom I had never met,
and shall never see again:
as you approached,
gently and reverently
to drink from the chalice,
this moved stranger
felt the full weight of priesthood
and the universal reach
of the love of God.

Glöstorp, Göteborg, 5 September, 2010.


4 responses to “Kristi blod

  1. I love this! Yours?

  2. Thank you, Eamonn: for this poem which is hugely moving, and for your ‘launching into the deep’ homily on Retreat which spurred me on to try two new things. Thank you/tack sa mycket.

  3. Chris, for what it’s worth, yes, it’s mine. I didn’t intend to write a poem, but that seems to be how it turned out. I’m much more of a prosy person, as many of my friends will confirm!

    Anne: thank you for your kind comment, and I look forward to hearing about the new things you’re trying.

  4. This rings a bell for any who have celebrated in a strange place. Thanks!

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