Hoom! Hoom!

I think I’m recovering from returning brain-dead from the General Synod of the SEC. What I haven’t recovered from is my frustration and disappointment, not just at the slowness of decision-making, which is positively Ent-like at times, but because it’s often a matter of the bland leading the bland.

A case in point: the motion to ask the Faith and Order Board to ask the Dioceses to ask everybody else to discuss ways in which we might prepare to give ‘due consideration’ to the Anglican Covenant in time for next year’s General Synod. This was passed by a large majority.

I have a suspicion that the majority voted for this because they thought it was a harmless measure which would do no more than enable more discussion. I voted against because I think we have already given the wretched Covenant more house-room than it deserves, but mainly because the motion commits us to taking the Covenant seriously next year, when by now we should have consigned it to the scrapheap.

Besides, the recent statement from Lambeth Palace that TEC has infringed the moratoria through the episcopal consecration of Mary Glasspool, and the immediate issuing of peremptory instructions to give effect to TEC’s exclusion from certain Anglican Communion bodies, is a disquieting indication of the assumption of centralising disciplinary  powers by ++Rowan, and of the punitive atmosphere in which any future discussion will be conducted. If this is happening before the Covenant has been formally adopted by a single Province, I shudder to think what the atmosphere will be like if the Covenant is eventually approved.


2 responses to “Hoom! Hoom!

  1. Martin Ritchie

    Yes, a strange period of apparent calm before the forthcoming storm, perhaps?

  2. Great post. I’m saying “yes, yes” as I read it. And I love the implications of your header!

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