We have entertained angels unawares

An exciting and enriching weekend at St N’s, with the return of some of the evacuees who came from Guernsey in 1940, to escape the imminent threat of a German invasion. They were sent to Manchester and Glasgow, and several of the southside churches in Glasgow, including St N’s, acted as reception centres. They were housed and fed in church halls before gradually being dispersed to be looked after by various families. Now, 70 years later, they returned to commemorate the evacuation, to revisit familiar places, and, where possible, to renew contact with the families with whom they had stayed. A fascinating exhibition was mounted in the church, with the help of some of our own congregation, and a special Eucharist was held on Sunday evening, at which the wine for the Communion was poured from a flask which the original evacuees had presented to St John’s Methodist Church on their return to Guernsey at the end of the war. Many moments of deep emotion as memories were stirred and friendships were renewed. It was a privilege to be involved in once more offering hospitality to those who had been sent out into the unknown as children (in most cases, leaving parents behind on the island to face the occupation), and to witness the reunions between people who had not met for 70 years. The open-heartedness with which our own congregation received the returning evacuees was an inspiration. We have all been enriched.


One response to “We have entertained angels unawares

  1. wonderful story, Eamonn, thanks for sharing.

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