Phos hilarion

‘O Gladsome Light!’ I know winter has returned (I hope briefly), but now that we have passed the equinox and are into British Summer Time, we can look forward to the long evenings that I not only love but stubbornly continue to think of as normality. I’m not good at coping with the lack of light in the Scottish winter – it does my head in, in fact.

But what are those people proposing to stay on GMT in the winter thinking of? The extra hour’s daylight in winter would hardly make a difference in Scotland, and the later arrival of daylight in the morning would have all kinds of implications for mental health, the safety of travellers, and the working conditions of, e.g., farmers, mail carriers and the like.

Take it from me that I know what I’m talking about, because I can remember the experimental adoption of all-year GMT by the UK and Ireland in 1968, when I drove to work in the mornings on dipped headlights, and it didn’t really dawn in December until nearly 09.00. And that was when I lived over 200 miles south of where I live now!

Leave well alone!


2 responses to “Phos hilarion

  1. Split the difference. GMT+00:30, BST-00:30, all year round. Excuse me for being logical…

  2. Interesting: it would put us in the same situation as the Canary Islands and Newfoundland.

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