With friends like these…?

Anne Widdecombe’s contribution last night to the Channel 4 series The Bible: A History has to be one of the worst advertisements for Christianity (or any religion) ever. The contrast with Howard Jacobson’s approach in the first part of the series two weeks ago could hardly be more marked. While unable to embrace faith unreservedly, he was courteous, interested, open to persuasion, and he engaged respectfully with those he interviewed – in short, he was everything that AW was not. If crusading atheists wanted evidence that religion induces intellectual arrogance and a bullying and hectoring manner, AW could hardly have done a better job of providing it.


3 responses to “With friends like these…?

  1. Couldn’t agree more I was horrified by her attitude, no wonder people aren’t interested in Christianty, if that is what they see portrayed.

  2. I completely agree. She was absolutely infuriating.

  3. Oh AW – WHAT a disservice to Chrisianity, – just when friends had been persuaded to try the series! How to drive loving people far away f rom religion. We had recommended Howard Jacobsons’ commendable and thought provoking start – taping the series has NOT been a good idea.

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