The empire strikes back

Immersed as I am in writing essays for a course on ‘The Bible and Diversity’, and reading the relevant literature, I have been apt to think that respect for diversity is more widespread than it is. But it’s hard to be optimistic when reading some of the stuff produced by the new bishop-elect of Peterborough, Donald Allister, who has written, among other things, that ‘Liberalism is one of Satan’s greatest weapons against the Church”, and who has scornfully dismissed ‘pantheist clergy and new age eco-theology. I wish I’d read that last bit before finishing my essay on ‘Christians and the Environment’. No wonder Giles Fraser had his head in his hands.


One response to “The empire strikes back

  1. I’d be a whole lot more impressed if he’d poked his nose over the parapet to do battle[0] with a pan*en*theist Christian; that would show some knowledge rather than buzzworditis.

    [0] because that’s what evangelicals do, of course. 😉

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