Goodbye, Jade

You know, Jade, there was a time when I wasn’t sure I liked you, but today I’m sad. I never watched Big Brother, but that business with Shilpa Shetty was widely covered in the papers, and the way it was reported, it sounded pretty unpleasant. But I can see now that it was a stage on your journey in search of freedom and dignity. The need for affirmation can break out in anger and envy in the best of us, and which of us can say that they have never uttered a racist remark (of which you very quickly repented, by the way)? Anyway, the hothouse atmosphere of the BB house must have been unbearable at times.

But your journey has led you a long way, from a broken home, a poor education, and dysfunctional relationships, to the present, where you have won the respect of the nation: for your love for your boys, and your determination to provide for them; your campaign to raise awareness of cervical cancer; and the honesty which made you refuse to engage in cosmetic concealment of the effects of the chemotherapy.

Above all, you made your peace with God, and I give thanks for that.

I know it turned into a bit of a media circus, but in the circumstances it was probably the only way to achieve what you wanted. I just hope now that your family and friends will be allowed to grieve in private.

Rest in peace, brave, feisty woman.


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