Croaking out the Good News

Significant numbers of new people at our Midnight Eucharist. I wonder what they thought of the fact that my Rector and myself were both struggling with near-laryngitis, which in his case turned into the real thing on Christmas morning. (Sorry to say this, but incense makes things worse in these circumstances.) But this contretemps didn’t prevent the services being moving and lovely as ever.

Belated happy Christmas to all our readers.


2 responses to “Croaking out the Good News

  1. It was indeed moving and lovely – and I hope you’re both feeling better soon. The incense wasn’t as tear-inducing as the last time, if that’s any consolation (I only sneezed twice!).

    I must admit to getting a bit distracted by the camel in the crib though (just so you know your congregation were reaching the heights of reverence and solemnity). It was so small and out of proportion to the other animals and people I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

    (Do we have a new baby Jesus by the way? I seem to remember a previous one being enormous in comparison with everything else, but that may have been a previous church).

    Anyway – it was a lovely service, as usual – thank you. I’ll miss St N’s midnight masses when we eventually figure out where we’re going to end up living.

  2. Thank you, Jackie.

    The camel must be a calf which ran ahead of the Wise Men’s caravan.

    We do have a new baby Jesus. Actually, a whole new set of (smaller) figures was purchased a couple of years ago.

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